Slavodelic podcast 22 – Trans-Lingual Covers


Alright, so this is the first podcast that doesn’t really have a country as its focus, so let me explain that a little bit. This show is all about cover songs that I encountered in different languages while I was listening to the tons of albums from each country. Now, these songs all share two things in common: One, they were originally sung in English before they were translated into whatever language the were sung in and two, they are awesome! So, sit back my friends… just sit back and be translated.

Trans-Lingual Covers

1)  Anoche – Los Flippers
2)  Pregunto – Los Matemáticos
3)  Venus – Las Moscas
4)  Ahora Estoy Sola – Las Chics
5)  Ces bottes sont faites pour marcher – Eileen
5)  Trabalhar – The Bubbles
6)  Como Decirte Cuanto Te Amo – Génesis
7)  サテンの夜(日本語) – Beavers
8)  Suzanne – Vaclav Neckar
9)  Chico Danielito – Los Rockin’ Rebeldes
10)  Donna il Prima Donna – Il Diono
11)  Susy la Coqueta – Los Pick Ups
12)  Túnel Do Amor – Celly Campello
13)  California Somnolienta – Barbara y Dick
14)  Ob-la-di Ob-la-da – Jaak Joala
15)  Je N’ai Pas Pu Resister – Sylvie Vartan
16)  Le Grand Amour – Nicoletta
17)  La Mosca – Las Moscas
18)  Marie Douceur, Marie Colère  - Marie Laforêt
19)  Susie Q – Los Psicodelicos Xochimilcas
20)  Los tiempos estan cambiando – Génesis

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