Slavodelic podcast 20 – USSR


This week we’re gonna go through the USSR. The USSR was one of the last old school empires, which was composed of other nations that were first conquered by the Tsars then taken over by the Dictators of the Proletariat. So the Soviet Union was a pretty diverse place going from Baltic counties, to the Stans, with a little outer Mongolia thrown in the mix. Anyway I’ll try and represent just a little of diversity that was the USSR. The government also seemed to keep a tight lid on what sort of music was made. Not a lot of psych, or experimental, or protest songs going on here. But I can’t help but feel there might have been some steroid driven Soviet plan to take over the rock music industry by using synthetically enhanced operatic metal screams and guitar solos to finally spread the revolution to the world. phew… we were this close, this close.

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Slavodelic podcast 17 – Ethiopia


Ethiopia! man I have to say after immersing myself in the sounds of Ethiopia that this is a country where they just know how to get their instruments playin right. Warm horns, trembling or tremeloing voices, and under it all some deep apegiating bases that just make you want to start bobin your head. There is something about their melodies too,  so uniquely Ethiopian. Man, Ethiopia the land of producers, producin the good ole, dirty down home music for they people! come and get it.


1) Etu Gèla – Mahmoud Ahmed
2) Ené Nègn – Bay Manèsh Girma
3) Mot Adèladlogn – Tèshomé Meteku
4) Tèy Geryèlèshem – Alèmayèhu
5) Sét Alamenem – Girma Bèyènè
6) Abatatchen Hoy – Ethiopiques
7) Anouak Toum Solo – Trad 4
8)  Ayamaru eshèté – Essatu Tèssèma
9) Kulun Mankwalèsh – Tlahoun Gèssèssè
10) Metche New – Mahmoud Ahmed
11) Mèla Mèla – Sèyfu Yohannès
12) Tashamanaletch – Alemayehu Eshete
13) Nèy Dènun Tesèsh – Mahmoud Ahmed
14) Ebo Lala – Mulatu Astatke
15) Assiyo Bélléma -Multatu Astatqé
16) Hèlawsho – Orchestra Ethiopia
17) Tadèlè Bèqèlè – Antchi Qondjo
18) Adrashash Tèfabegn – Lèmma Dèmissèw
19) Aykèdashem Lebè – Tlahoun Gèssèssè

Slavodelic podcast 16 – Ghana


Come on, Ghana!!! you are hiting me too hard with your full on rockin, grindin, heavy soulness and even with that disco. straight up engergia!


1) Lagunta – Hedzoleh Soundz
2) Bindiga – The Wellis Band
3) Eyi Su Ngaangaa – The Sweet Talks
4) Mi Nsum̵̵ Bo D̵nn РThe Big Beats
5) Minnim – Dr. K. Gyasi’s Noble Kings
6) Gota (Music Of The Ewe) – Various Artists
7) Yahyia Mu – The Uhuru Dance Band
8) Zinabu – Bunzu Sounds – World Psychedelic Classics 3
9) Ohiani Sua Efir – The Barbecues
10) Gonje (Music Of The Dagbamba) – Various Artists
11) Bukom Mashie – Oscar Sulley & The Uhuru Dance Band
12) Hwe hwe mu na yi wo mpena – K. Frimpong & His Cubano Fiestas
13) I Can Say – Marijata
14) Din Ya Sugri – Christy Azuma & Uppers International

Slavodelic podcast 15 – Brazil


Ok, here we go! Brazil!!! I have always had a thing for Brazilian music weather it be bossa nova, jovem guarda, tropicalia, Samba, or Psych. It is one musical country that I hope you all can enjoy as well.


1) Banho De Lua – Celly Campello
2) 16 Tomelados – Noriel Vilela
3) Quem Sou Eu ? – Pedro Santos
4) Eu Sou da Pesada – Jorge Ben O Bidu
5) Insensatez – Nara Leão
6) Aguas de Março – Tom Jobim and Elis Regina
7) Samba da minha terra – João Gilberto
8) Super God – Som Imaginario
9) Track 7 – Capoeira Voices
10) Beira Rio – Marinho Castellar & Banda Disritmia
11) De Un Extranjero – Manduka
12) Track 01 – Ave Sangria
13) Bad Trip – Cilibrinas Do Eden
14) A Minha Menina – Os Mutantes
15) Raínha Negra do Maracatu – Calé Alencar
16) Track 8 – Capoeira Voices
17) Chapa Quente – Os Tchutchucos
18) Sem Sombra – Pedro Santos